Meet the team

Cliqaday is a team of people that offers unique photoshoots
and amazing customized experiences.

We provide photos of your trip!

About us

Our mission is to create a photoshoot session that is as unique as its protagonists. We make sure that when you enjoy the experience, you know that it was designed just for you. To do that, we use a holistic approach in our photoshoot planning.

Behind the scene

We are Anna (travel addict) and Joaquin (photography addict), we used to travel a lot and take pictures of the amazing landscapes, wildlife, etc. with our tripod. They were good times and we keep beautiful photos of those trips. But life changed and the family grew.

Since we had our beautiful daughters Maria and Paula trips have become a bit different and it’s hard to dedicate so many minutes to take that beautiful picture.

I miss my tripod.

In our trips we like doing different things like scuba diving, trekking, see over the city from the top of an amazing building. We love to have photos of this experiences and that’s why we work with all kinds of photographer specialists to capture any type of experience you want to immortalize.

Some of the sessions we offer include aerial photography or underwater photography. Our mission is to provide a unique phototour under any circumstances. Put us to the test.;

Anna and Joaquin
Joaquin & Anna

The artists


Katy speaks English, Spanish, and Russian very well. She knows all the beautiful and famous places in Barcelona perfectly and is happy to take your pictures there.

diego photograph

Diego is a professional wedding photographer with years of experience. He also loves to photograph landscapes. Summing up he is a photography addict.

Dani photograph

Dani combines photography with community management. He’s a very creative person and also a very good friend. He is an expert in underwater photography.

photographer flying a drone

Nico is an Argentinian photographer based in Barcelona. He loves drone photography, and his work has been published in countless publications and websites.