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What to Do in Lloret de Mar

Choosing your next vacation spot can be a difficult and tedious task. The world is a big place, and there are so many unique and wonderful locations to visit that it can feel impossible to choose. Enter Lloret de Mar. Haven’t heard of this quaint coastal town? It might just be your next favorite vacation destination. 

The town of Lloret de mar

Lloret de Mar is a town nestled alongside the Mediterranean sea in a picture-perfect romantic setting. This coastal town is located in Catalonia, Spain, and will never overwhelm you with crowds that leave behind litter and create long lines into every hot spot—the city has a population of roughly 37,000. If you’re a fan of tropical locations and time off spent relaxing on a beach, you’ll want to visit Lloret de Mar. The town’s main beach is renowned for its beauty and cleanliness. The town is considered an urban beach, which is a tourism designation that combines the desirability of a beach location with natural features along with the town’s cultural heritage, traditions, and history. As such, Lloret de Mar is equipped to provide travelers with a memorable vacation that satisfies all the best parts of traveling to new locations. 

If you’ve decided your next vacation needs a picturesque setting with great food, and beautiful nature available, then you’ve decided to visit Lloret de Mar. Before you arrive in this beautiful city, you’ll want to plan out an itinerary, so you get the most from your trip to this coastal town. If you’re wondering what to do in Lloret de Mar, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the most fulfilling and enjoyable sights and activities you should see and do during your trip. 

Lloret de mar in 3 days

Even if you only have 3 days in Lloret de Mar, you’ll be able to pull together an interesting and entertaining itinerary from the many attractions we’ll describe. Whether you’re seeking out an experience that puts you back in touch with nature or an educational trip that gives you food for thought with compelling histories and culture, Lloret de Mar will provide it. 

The beaches in Lloret de Mar

No description of what to do in Lloret de Mar would be complete without detailing the expansive landscape and many opportunities to be close to nature, and of course, the beaches. With a name that contains the word “ocean,” you can rest assured a beach vacation is in reach with this destination. One of the most popular beaches to visit during your trip would be Lloret Beach—a white sand beach known for being kept pristine. This beach, loaded on the southern Costa Brava, is a favorite of all who visit Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar Beach

Unsurprisingly, the seaside town has more than one beach for visitors to choose from. If your idea of a relaxing vacation means solitude as much as possible, then opt for the less-traveled beach called Fenals Beach. This spot isn’t as populous as Lloret Beach as it’s a smaller beach, but in return for that small size, it offers beachgoers more privacy and tranquility. The landscape of Fenals Beach is more natural with a luscious pine tree grove serving as the backdrop for your beach day. 

Santa Clotilde Gardens

Not every part of this town’s nature is in the form of beaches, however. For those looking for a different outdoor experience that doesn’t involve sand in your shoes, the Santa Clotilde Gardens is a must on your itinerary. This is not just your neighborhood garden but stands as one of the most exemplary pieces of noucentista landscaping that can be seen in Catalonia. Noucentisme is just one of the many historic parts of Catalonian art that you’ll encounter when you visit. This art movement of the early 20th century grew as an opposition to the previous modernist movement. The Santa Clotilde Gardens were designed with an Italian Renaissance style in mind by Nicolau Rubió I Tuduri when he was 28 years old. The garden was completed after 7 years of work, in 1926. The Santa Clotilda garden is a beautiful and place to spend some time; it rests upon a clifftop that overlooks the ocean, expanding over 26,000 square meters.

Santa Clotilde Gardens

Castle of Sant Joan

It’s easy to visit Lloret de Mar and have a laidback beach vacation, but you’d be remiss to neglect the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Certain things are simply not optional when seeking out what to do in Lloret de Mar—one of those things is the Castle of Sant Joan. This castle is over 8 centuries old and is essentially the core from which the town of Lloret de Mar was birthed. Only the foundation of the castle remains untouched throughout the centuries; every other part of the castle has been rebuilt again and again following natural disasters, wartime raids, as well as simple decay. The Castle of Sant Joan is easy to fit into any trip of 3 days in Lloret as its located right between the two main beaches, Finals Beach and Lloret Beach. 

 When you’re deciding what to do in Lloret de Mar, don’t forget to account for the many special events that occur throughout the year. A great way to make your 3 days in Lloret de Mar unforgettable is to book them during one of the town’s fun events. One event that always tops the list is the colorful annual carnival, during which the Great Parade of the Carnestoltes (the Carnival King) is held. This event is festive and exciting, the perfect event for those looking for an energetic vacation when they visit Lloret de Mar. 

Tirada a L’Art

 If you’re looking for that quintessential lazy, seaside vacation, opt for an event like Tirada a L’Art. You’ll have two chances to catch this activity, once in February and again in December. The name Tirada a l’Art means “casting the net” and refers to a form of fishing that was the traditional way most townspeople earned a living in Lloret de Mar. Just as in the past tradition, today, anyone is allowed to come up and help cast the net. This event culminates in a breakfast featuring the fish caught once the net is hauled in. Attending Tirada a l’Art is the perfect event for your calendar for those of you who want to infuse your trip with an educational and cultural element . 

There’s nothing like taking a vacation away from those crowded major tourists destinations in favor of a trip that goes off the beaten path. Lloret the Mar offers a unique experience and a calmer pace. If you visit Lloret de Mar, give yourself the treat of looking back on this unforgettable location by booking your own photoshoot with us. This seaside town and its rich history will leave a happy imprint you’ll love looking back on for years to come.

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